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bullet imageG Force Europe Ltd was founded in 2013 as a small e-commerce website showcasing over 100 products. Over the years it has grown and expanded and now has over 400+ products and increased! We sell products in a range of European countries with U.K being our main hub. We are looking to expand global over the next few years as we are growing at a good sustainable rate.

We manufacture and stock a range of products. We are famous for are own brand Supertuff products where we sell Supertuff lockers that are rotationally moulded to superior standards making them one of the best plastic lockers for your workplace needs. Not only can these lockers be used in workplaces they are great to be used in gyms, staff rooms and a range of environments. 

We provide a price match guarantee where if you get a valid quote from another company we will look to price match the quote. We also can provide free onsite visit to large factories and warehouses if you are looking to stock up your workplace with our products. We have dedicated sales reps that travel across the U.K and they get help your new warehouse get up to speed. The benefits of shopping with G Force Europe is that you can shop anywhere and everywhere. On your mobile or on your laptop, with are one click shop system you can get your products delivered directly to your door, FREE! 

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Along with all our products we provide we U.K delivery to any house in the U.K, so take advantage of our special offers today. Because we manufacture a lot of these products in our factory we can offer you a wide range of colours and custom sizes. We are fully flexible and will look to cater for all your needs, from bright yellow to red we stock a range of colours.

More of our plastic products are food-grade approved, this is huge in the 21st century as every food company now has to meet rules and regulations where their products buy be stored in a hygienic manner. With our products already hygienic rest assured you will pass all safety checks that are thrown at you. Not only are they food-grade approved, the plastic containers and storage containers are made from durable plastics meaning they are perfect for everyday use and will stay in shape.

Get in touch with us today, be sure to visit the contact us page and get the details on how you can place your order with G Force Europe.